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Solana Network Prepares for Restart Following Major Outage

Collaborative Efforts to Restore Solana's Operational Integrity Amidst Network Challenges.

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The Solana blockchain, a key player in the cryptocurrency space, faced a significant outage on February 6 at 10:00 UTC, leading engineers to initiate a comprehensive investigation. To address the issue causing the network cluster to halt, developers are now preparing a new validator software release. Validator operators are urged to brace for an upgrade and network restart.

Validator Software Release in Response to Outage

Following the Solana network outage, engineers from across the ecosystem are actively working on a new validator software release. This release includes a crucial patch designed to rectify the underlying issue that caused the entire cluster to come to a standstill.

Validator operators on Solana’s Mainnet are strongly advised to prepare for an impending upgrade and network restart. The release version v1.17.20 has been deemed ready for deployment, and operators are instructed to follow specific guidelines to ensure a smooth transition.

Instructions for Validator Operators

Solana has provided detailed instructions for Mainnet validator operators, urging them to adhere to the following steps:

Step 1: Identify the Highest Optimistic Slot

Validator operators are required to identify the highest optimistic slot to facilitate a seamless restart. The identified slot is crucial for the overall integrity of the network.

Step 2: Create a Snapshot at Slot 246464040

Validator operators must use the Solana ledger tool to create a new snapshot at slot 246464040. This snapshot serves as a vital checkpoint for the network’s recovery.

Step 3: Adjust Validator Command-Line Arguments

Operators are instructed to adjust their validator command-line arguments temporarily for the restart. Specific adjustments include parameters such as –wait-for-supermajority, –no-snapshot-fetch, –no-genesis-fetch, –expected-bank-hash PENDING, and –expected-shred-version PENDING.

Step 4: Update Validator Version

Validator operators are required to download and install/build the latest Solana version (v1.17.19) to ensure compatibility with the network restart. The version is crucial for maintaining synchronization within the Solana ecosystem.

Step 5: Start the Validator

Upon completion of the aforementioned steps, operators can initiate the restart by starting their validators. The process involves loading the snapshot for slot PENDING and waiting for 80% of the stake to come online before resuming block production.

Appendix: Resolution for Specific Scenarios

In cases where validators did not preserve their ledger or the last optimistically confirmed slot is below 246464040, Solana provides alternative resolutions. These involve additional steps and adjustments to restore network functionality.

Impact on Solana Network and Crypto Exchanges

The outage on the Solana network has had reverberations across the cryptocurrency landscape, with notable impacts on crypto exchanges. Upbit, a leading exchange, announced the suspension of deposits and withdrawals for Solana-based tokens in response to the interruption.

As the Solana network prepares for a restart following the recent outage, stakeholders are urged to remain vigilant and follow the provided instructions carefully. The coordinated efforts of engineers and validator operators are crucial in restoring normal network operations and mitigating any potential disruptions. The incident underscores the importance of proactive measures in maintaining the integrity and resilience of blockchain networks.

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