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Snoop Dogg’s Son, Champ Medici, Blends Music and Web3: NFTs, Gaming, and Legacy

Cordell Broadus, known as Champ Medici and the son of iconic rapper Snoop Dogg, discusses the intersection of Web3, NFTs, gaming, and music.

by Isaac lane
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Web3 has rapidly evolved from a concept into a thriving reality. Cordell Broadus, alongside his father Snoop Dogg, has been at the forefront, combining Web3 tech, NFTs, and blockchain with the music industry.

Broadus’s journey began in 2020 when he delved into the metaverse. Subsequently, Snoop Dogg’s interest was piqued when approached by Recognizing the transformative potential, Broadus aimed to facilitate the transition for artists into the digital realm.

Reviving Music through NFTs

Champ Medici championed the idea of re-releasing his father’s iconic 1993 album, “Doggystyle,” as NFTs. He emphasized that the idea became deeply ingrained in Snoop Dogg’s vision, making him highly receptive to the concept.

Broadus and his team embarked on a journey with a pilot program on OpenSea, releasing 250 Snoop Dogg songs and selling both the stems and licenses. They started by offering 500 copies of the single “High” for $500 each, promptly selling out and amassing $250,000 on the first day. The total earnings from the program reached $3.5 million in just 30 days.

Empowering Creativity and Collaboration

Champ Medici witnessed creators using the song stems to produce diverse genres like EDM and country music, facilitating collaboration between the community and legacy artists. This democratization of collaboration, made possible by NFTs, has been an uplifting experience for Broadus.

โ€œI took it upon myself to really learn it so I could put it in a language that my father could understand, and not just my father, but all of the culture.โ€

Broadus actively worked to ensure diversity and inclusion in the evolving Web3 landscape. He shared his commitment to including voices from various backgrounds.

Expanding the Legacy in Gaming

Cordell Broadus and the team, building on their success in Web3, recently announced a new venture, Death Row Games. This venture carries forward the legacy of Death Row Records, which Snoop Dogg acquired in February 2022. The team’s foray into gaming mirrors their Web3 approach, aiming to bring in diverse creators and share stories from around the world.

Cordell Broadus, also known as Champ Medici, embodies the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and representation in the Web3, NFT, and gaming spheres. His journey from the music industry to the digital frontier showcases the boundless opportunities for artists in the evolving landscape of Web3.

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