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Sales of Donald Trump’s NFTs took off after he made a surprise comeback to X.

The news of Trump's return to X and the release of his mugshot sparked a frenzy of activity in the NFT market, with sales of his NFTs increasing by 426% in a single day.

by V. Sinclair
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Former US President Donald Trump Returns to Social Platform X

Following a lengthy hiatus, ex-President Donald Trump has made a surprising reappearance on the platform formerly recognized as Twitter, now named X. This shocking move aligns with the release of his controversial mugshot stemming from charges in Georgia linked to alleged attempts to invalidate the 2020 election outcomes.

Trump’s digital collectibles have seen a surge in interest and sales due to these events. Cryptocurrency and digital art enthusiasts are scrambling to secure a piece of this monumental period.

A Recap of Trump’s Resurgence on X: Trump last interacted with his followers on the platform on January 8, 2021. His prolonged absence was due to an account suspension stemming from potential violence incitement fears.

Elon Musk, after taking over X, opted to reinstate Trump’s account. However, Trump had predominantly been communicating via his own platform, Truth Social. His sudden re-appearance on X, coinciding with his unprecedented processing at Fulton County Jail, has made history.

The Surge of Trump’s Digital Collectibles: Following the release of Trump’s contentious mugshot, reported an astounding rise in the sales of his Digital Card series, showcasing a daily increase of 426%. Assessing the week, Trump’s related NFT sales experienced a 208% increase.

To date, Trump’s digital collectibles have accrued $20.68 million from nearly 47,552 transactions. Present data indicates an upward trend, with roughly 14,016 digital wallets possessing at least one Trump-related item. Interestingly, the average duration of holding these NFTs is just 19 days.

The recent events surrounding Trump have created waves not only in the political arena but also in the digital currency and art sectors. As another election period approaches in the U.S., it will be intriguing to witness how these digital engagements unfold and what future developments await.

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