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Ripple May Be Gearing Up for an IPO: Key Indicators Suggest

Ripple hints at an IPO, as per crypto analyst Lewis Jackson's recent video analysis.

by Isaac lane
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Ripple, the blockchain-based company, may be gearing up for an Initial Public Offering (IPO), according to crypto analyst Lewis Jackson. In a recent video analysis, Jackson pointed to several key indicators that suggest Ripple’s intentions.

Jackson highlighted Ripple‘s increased involvement in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) as a common prelude to an IPO. He noted Ripple’s recent acquisitions of companies like Metaco and its discussions with Fortress, indicating a clear focus on expansion.

Hiring for Strategic Growth

Ripple is actively recruiting for strategic roles, such as directors and managers of corporate development. These positions are crucial in managing M&A activities and establishing new partnerships, aligning with typical IPO preparations.

Although not directly indicative of an IPO, Ripple’s hiring of various engineering roles demonstrates its commitment to improving infrastructure and technical capabilities, further supporting growth.

Enhancing Financial Staffing

Ripple is also seeking key financial roles, including a director of international tax and a financial risk director. These hires are essential to ensure financial compliance and transparency, vital aspects of the IPO process.

A significant signal, according to Jackson, is Ripple’s recruitment of a shareholder communication senior manager. This role is pivotal for fostering investor relations and a strong sign of IPO readiness, especially with hires in London, Miami, and New York.

Jackson speculated that Ripple might choose the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) as its primary listing venue, with London and Dubai as potential alternatives. Hiring trends indicate a preference for the American market, aligning with a possible NYSE listing.

Optimism Amid Regulatory Challenges

Despite ongoing legal battles with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Jackson expressed optimism about Ripple’s position, suggesting that the SEC has lost its case.

Jackson concluded by encouraging the Ripple community, drawing a parallel between pre-IPO Ripple investors and early Facebook shareholders. While the specific details of the IPO remain uncertain, the signs point to Ripple actively preparing for this significant milestone.

Despite no official IPO announcement, Ripple has upped its marketing game, recently advertising in the Premier League. The blockchain company is anticipated to make a significant announcement at its forthcoming event, Swell in Dubai.

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