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On Christmas Day, zkSync fell down for five hours, but it is now back up.

A software flaw in zkSync led to the incorrect activation of a security protocol, which crashed the network and kept it offline for several hours.

by V. Sinclair
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On December 25, the zkSync network’s developers received an unwanted Christmas gift. The team said on Christmas Day that the network fell down and that they had to “inspect” it during the holiday to figure out what went wrong. After almost five hours, zkSync was back up and running, according to the team.

The zkSync team announced that the network was “currently encountering network issues” on X (previously Twitter) at 7:36 am UTC. They declared that they were “committed” to restoring it online and that they were “actively addressing the situation.” The team announced the resolution of the issue in a new message that was released at 10:52 am UTC. The message said that a problem in the server had caused one of the network’s automated safety mechanisms to go off, but that the network was now “fully operational.” The notice stated that the crash had happened at 5:50 UTC, meaning that zkSync had been unavailable for around five hours.

Throughout 2023, blockchain networks have seen multiple shutdowns and failures. Solana experienced a four-hour outage in January due to a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. A flaw introduced during a hard fork in March caused Polygon to go offline for over 11 hours. Additionally, Ethereum layer-2 Abitrum was unavailable for 78 minutes on December 15 due to an unexpected spike in inscription minting.

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