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New NFTs to Be Released by Starbucks Korea in January

Starbucks' Korean branch is introducing "Eco Tumbler Beverage Coupons," which consumers can redeem for NFT incentives

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Starbucks Korea claimed that it will start issuing NFTs on the aforementioned blockchain platform the following month. The company first launched its loyalty program on Polygon in December of last year. The coffee business clarified that this action is a component of its campaign to provide incentives to patrons so they will be encouraged to utilize reusable mugs.

Starbucks Korea will provide consumers with “eco-stamps” each time they purchase specific drinks that can be redeemed for limited-edition, non-fungible tokens, in accordance with NFT Plazas. According to reports, NFT artist DADAZ and Print Bakery, a South Korean art portal, collaborated to make these NFTs.

Starbucks Promotes Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Goal

Starbucks’ Korean branch is introducing “Eco Tumbler Beverage Coupons,” which consumers can redeem for NFT incentives. This campaign’s primary goal is to encourage going “green” on a larger scale.

Starbucks Korea modified its tumbler coupon policy in an effort to encourage more patrons to use reusable cups whenever they make purchases there. The coffee chain will use this method to distribute extremely uncommon NFTs, which consumers can obtain only by making the decision to live sustainably.

Improved Loyalty Benefits

Customers that used reusable drink cups received free beverage vouchers from the company prior to the announcement of the NFT award. This has been updated to include the increasingly prevalent digital tokens.

Starbucks Korea will implement the new tumbler coupon policy and start issuing NFTs in January 2024. Starting next year, the company anticipates that this will hasten the adoption of personal cups in its retail spaces.

Furthermore, according to Aju News, the coffee shop modified how it awards coupons for using a tumbler to make a purchase in order to encourage customers to use their own cups and to provide personalized, eco-friendly advantages.

We anticipate that the new tumbler coupon usage guidelines and the limited-edition NFTs will act as a spark for encouraging the usage of personal cups in the neighborhood in order to bring about beneficial improvements. Kim Beom Soo, the head of marketing for Starbucks Korea, stated in a statement

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