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MixMob Unveils Public MXM MixBot Sale Date

Mark your calendars for January 11, 2024, as MixMob unveils its biggest chapter yet in the pursuit of revolutionizing the gaming landscape.

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New Year, New Chapter! Following the successful White List (WL) & Mask Owner Presale, MixMob is thrilled to announce the Public Launch date for its highly anticipated MixBot & MXM Token Packages. This marks a monumental step in the journey to Flip Web2, supported by industry giants like G2 Esports, Solana, Anatoly, Arthur Hayes, Wolves DAO, Merit Circle, Magic Eden, and Neo Tokyo.

Public Sale Details

  • Opens: January 11 at 9 AM PST / 5 PM GMT
  • Price: $250 per package, including:
    • 1 MixBot
    • MXM tokens equaling $250 in value
    • MXM multipliers (details below)

The public sale is divided into three phases:

Phase 1: Guaranteed White List

  • 5,500 MixBots & MXM packages with a guaranteed allocation
  • Limit of 5 packages per participant
  • Purchasers of 3+ MixBot & MXM Token Packages receive a 10% MXM bonus

Phase 2: FCFS White List

  • 1,000 MixBots & MXM packages on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Limit of 10 packages per participant
  • Purchasers of 10 MixBot & MXM Token Packages receive a 10% MXM bonus
  • Join the White List now!

Phase 3: Public Sale

  • The final phase offers 3,500 MixBots & MXM packages
  • Limit of 10 packages per participant

Unlock Your MXM Multipliers

Each MixBot comes equipped with MXM multipliers, a bonus calculated based on the rarity of its traits or Mixscore. For instance, an all-Common MixBot with a 12 Mixscore (2 Common Part Score x 6 traits) gets a +25 MXM bonus. Meanwhile, an all-unique or Glitch MixBot with a Mixscore of 60 (10 Glitch Part Score x 6 traits) receives a +6250 MXM bonus.

MixMob’s Flip Web2 Journey Continues

White List & Mask Owner Presale Recap


Last week, MixMob released its White Paper, unveiling the Flip Web2 Chapter 3 journey. The WL & Mask Owner Presale allowed Mask owners to secure a MixBot and MXM. A limited number of packages at $250 each featured various payment options and attractive MXM bonuses. After the Pre-Sale phase, the presale also included a live-streamed, randomized MixBot Capsule distribution.

MixBot MXM Token Package Presale

Price: $250, Contents: Unique MixBot NFT + $250 MXM, Usage: Playable characters in-game. MXM airdropped after the sale.

Two tiers of Presale opened on December 15th, with Power 3 & 4 and White List & Owners Presale options. Mask owners participating in the presale received bonus tokens based on the number of packages purchased, including a 30% MXM bonus for those buying 2 or more MixBot Packages and a 15% MXM bonus for those purchasing 1 MixBot Package.

Current Status and Future Plans

The Racer 1 Closed Beta results showcase the game’s product-market fit, with a 31% Arena Profit Margin, 2,595 Daily Active Users, and a 70% 7-day Retention rate. MixMob’s plans include the integration of altcoins, racing crews, themed tracks & boosts, Turbo Arenas as NFTs, and user-generated content.

As MixMob gears up for the Public MXM MixBot Sale on January 11, 2024, enthusiasts are invited to be at the forefront of Crypto Gaming. The White Paper details the exciting developments, providing a glimpse into the future of MixMob’s innovative gaming universe.

For more information, follow MixMob on Twitter and Discord. Visit the official website for detailed insights.

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