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Minutes Network Unveils Revolutionary Growth Strategy with MRGL Integration

Empowering Growth Through Innovative Technology and Strategic Collaboration.

by Isaac lane
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Minutes Network

Minutes Network, a groundbreaking player in the telecommunications industry, has unveiled its latest innovation aimed at transforming the landscape of wholesale voice carriers. With the introduction of its proprietary Mintech Rapid Growth Library (MRGL), Minutes Network aims to accelerate its user base growth exponentially, positioning itself as a frontrunner in the global telecommunications market.

Integration of MRGL

Josh Watkins, CEO of Minutes Network, announced the integration of the Mintech Rapid Growth Library (MRGL) into the Minutes Network Software Development Kit (SDK). This integration enables third-party mobile applications to seamlessly onboard their unique user base onto the Minutes Network platform. Watkins emphasized the capacity of MRGL to facilitate the integration of millions of users with the simple press of a button, potentially making Minutes Network the largest telecommunication voice network by user base globally.

Unprecedented User Base Growth

Watkins highlighted the potential of MRGL to attract billions of users worldwide, offering instant access to a novel monetization method. He revealed that Minutes Network has secured its first large-scale implementation agreement, poised to bring over 1.2 billion users onto its platform in the coming years. Watkins compared this figure to the largest existing network, China Mobile, which boasts 850 million subscribers.

While emphasizing the scale of potential partnerships, Watkins emphasized Minutes Network’s openness to collaborating with applications of all sizes. He announced that any application capable of bringing at least 50,000 unique users to the platform is eligible for revenue-sharing opportunities with Minutes Network.

Disrupting Traditional Business Models

Watkins elaborated on the innovative business model enabled by MRGL, highlighting its departure from traditional B2C marketing approaches. By adopting a high-precision, pay-to-play B2B model, Minutes Network aims to bypass costly marketing expenses while leveraging revenue-sharing partnerships with mobile applications.

With its unique combination of a zero-cost/high-margin termination model and the revolutionary MRGL integration, Minutes Network is poised to disrupt the $251 billion wholesale voice terminations market. Partnered with Minutes Network Token (MNT), the platform introduces a new DePIN initiative, creating a sharing economy based on the voice industry minutes commodity market.

Minutes Network operates within the $251 billion paid-for voice calling market, offering the lowest-cost termination charges in the industry. Minutes Network Token (MNT) leverages blockchain technology to decentralize the global telecommunications market, tokenizing bandwidth and distributing value to network participants.

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