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MetaMask to Launch DApp Store for Cross-Chain Interaction

MetaMask Snaps will serve as a bridge between MetaMask and various blockchain networks.

by Isaac lane
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Consensys is preparing to launch MetaMask Snaps, an upcoming feature that will enable users to interact with various blockchain networks, including Bitcoin and Solana, from within their MetaMask wallet. Simon Morris, Consensys’ Head of Strategy, likened Snaps to an Apple App Store for crypto wallets, allowing third-party developers to introduce decentralized applications (DApps) that expand MetaMask’s functionality. Initially, released Snaps will undergo security checks and developer whitelisting, with the goal of eventually making the process more permissionless. Users will download third-party extensions to their MetaMask wallet, enabling them to use it with non-EVM chains like Bitcoin, Solana, Avalanche, and Starknet. Snaps will also simplify transaction signing and enhance communication between DApp developers and users.

“MetaMask starts with a massive assumption there’s going to be an EVM or something very like Ethereum, so what we’re targeting for the first release is making MetaMask interoperable with other non-EVM chains.”

Enhancing MetaMask Functionality

MetaMask Snaps will serve as a bridge between MetaMask and various blockchain networks, allowing users to access a wider range of functionalities and DApps directly from their wallets. This development aims to simplify the user experience in managing different blockchain assets and interacting with decentralized applications.

One of the significant benefits of Snaps is enabling users to engage with multiple blockchain networks seamlessly. This feature addresses the growing demand for interoperability and cross-chain functionality in the crypto space.

Simplifying Transactions and Communication

Snaps will enhance transaction signing and offer a communication layer between DApp developers and users. Simplifying complex transaction processes and improving communication can boost user confidence and adoption of blockchain technologies.

MetaMask’s ongoing enhancements, including the introduction of a “sell” feature, demonstrate its commitment to improving user accessibility and functionality. These developments align with the broader trend of making crypto wallets more user-friendly and feature-rich.

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