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Metacade Unleashes GameFi Revolution in 2024: A Deep Dive

Metacade: A Crypto Gaming Pioneer with $16.4 Million ICO Success.

by Isaac lane
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In the dynamic realm of crypto gaming, Metacade emerges as a beacon of innovation and community-driven success. With a whopping $16.4 million raised in its ICO, Metacade positions itself as a force to be reckoned with, signaling a game-changing revolution in the Web3 platform.

Metacade aspires to be the world’s first community-owned blockchain gaming arcade, offering GameFi and Web3 enthusiasts a diverse array of top-tier blockchain games. Titles like Oxya Origin and Ember Sword headline the platform’s offerings, showcasing its commitment to quality and variety.

Play-to-Earn Rewards System: MCADE Tokens Take Center Stage

At its core, Metacade introduces a Play-to-Earn (P2E) rewards system, allowing users to earn MCADE tokens by engaging with game developers and participating in the Metagrants program. This community-driven approach funds developer-submitted games chosen by the users, creating a symbiotic relationship between gamers and creators.

Metacade sets itself apart with unparalleled community engagement. Regular Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions provide a direct line of communication between the team and users. This transparency fosters a sense of belonging, turning users into integral participants in the Metacade journey.

Staking Pool 2: A Game-Changer for Enthusiasts

The introduction of Staking Pool 2 marks a significant stride for Metacade enthusiasts. With a substantial pool size of 500,000,000 MCADE tokens, users can stake and earn a promising 25% return on investment. The bonus? Excess reward tokens will be burned, emphasizing Metacade’s commitment to scarcity and token value.

Metacade’s Mainnet Launch: A Milestone Achieved

Metacade’s mainnet platform launch is a pivotal moment, showcasing the platform’s ability to function independently. This development ensures seamless transactions, payouts, and an immersive gaming experience. Metacade solidifies its position as a leading cryptocurrency in the metaverse gaming space.

Metacade strategically partners with Polygon Labs, a leader in Ethereum-scaling blockchain technology, expanding its reach globally. Collaborations with projects like Transak and external game developers demonstrate Metacade’s dedication to growth and diversity.

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