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Layerless Unveils Groundbreaking Omnichain Restaking Protocol and Testnet Launch

Explore Layerless, the Omnichain Restaking protocol, ensuring liquid assets. Join the Testnet in Q1 for revolutionary DeFi experiences.

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Layerless, a cutting-edge platform leveraging EigenLayer and LayerZero technologies, has introduced the Omnichain Liquid Restaking (ORT) protocol. Focused on two key values – maintaining EigenLayer deposits liquidity through Omnichain Restaked Tokens (ORTs) and expanding LSDfi and EigenLayer beyond Ethereum – Layerless aims to revolutionize DeFi solutions.

Unlocking Liquidity with ORTs and Beyond Ethereum

Layerless innovatively combines Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs) with ORTs, offering staked liquidity and enhanced composability. By introducing restacking through EigenLayer, the platform extends Ethereum’s security to the broader Onchain ecosystem while ensuring the liquidity and usability of LSTs.

Omnichain Restaked Tokens – Interoperable and Modular LSDfi

Layerless envisions the potential of DeFi solutions built on Ethereum staking, foreseeing impactful growth and sustainability. With LST-backed stablecoins and lending collateralized by LSTs already in play, Layerless believes this is just the beginning.

Moreover, in alignment with the Ethereum ecosystem’s shift towards modularity, Layerless emphasizes the importance of interoperability and liquidity in the LSDfi space. The LayerZero omnichain capabilities of ORTs ensure both interoperability and liquidity.

How ORTs Work: Making EigenLayer Deposits Liquid and Usable

Upon depositing LSTs such as stETH, cbETH, or rETH into EigenLayer through Layerless, users receive Restaked Tokens, representing a fully liquid form of their EigenLayer deposit. These tokens, adhering to the LayerZero Omnichain Fungible Token standard, are not confined to Ethereum and can be utilized across various chains, fostering composability and usability in DeFi protocols.

Testnet on the Horizon: A Glimpse into Q1

Layerless concludes its protocol overview with an exciting announcement – the imminent launch of the Testnet in Q1. Users can look forward to exploring the application firsthand, with more details set to be unveiled soon.

Layerless’s Omnichain Liquid Restaking protocol presents a promising leap towards a more interoperable, liquid, and composable DeFi landscape, with the upcoming Testnet adding anticipation and momentum to its innovative journey.

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