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KYOTO Plants 1 Million Trees Ahead of World’s Most Sustainable Blockchain Launch

Regenerative Finance (ReFi) blockchain pioneer, KYOTO, has successfully planted one million mangrove trees in Kenya and Tanzania as part of its commitment to becoming the world's most sustainable blockchain.

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The Environmental Impact of Mangrove Trees

Mangrove trees are nature’s coastal superheroes, playing a vital role in maintaining ecological balance and combating global warming. With the ability to absorb and store significant amounts of atmospheric carbon dioxide, they are powerful tools in the fight against climate change. KYOTO’s pledge is expected to sequester approximately 308,000 tonnes of carbon before 2075.

Project Implementation and Techniques

The mangrove tree planting project spanned the coastlines of Kirepwe, Diani, Shimoni in Kenya, and Kigamboni in Tanzania, creating 80 new jobs for local communities. The team meticulously planted the trees about a foot apart and strategically near mother trees whenever possible, maximizing their lifespan. To ensure success, they also included an extra 20% of plants as a buffer. Additionally, AI technology was employed to digitally record each tree that was planted.

KYOTO’s Commitment to Environmental Preservation

Frank Morey, co-founder of KYOTO, expressed his passion for the project, highlighting the company’s dedication to the ReFi movement and its goal to make a positive impact on the environment. KYOTO’s unique approach includes contributing 25% of each transactional gas fee to offset carbon emissions through reforestation. Furthermore, building on KYOTO’s blockchain offers cost-effectiveness with fees 100 times lower than competitors like Ethereum.

Collaborative Efforts for Sustainability

The success of the project was made possible through collaboration with local communities and environmental organizations. Careful selection of coastal locations and sustainable planting techniques were implemented to restore and respect the delicate coastal ecosystem. This purposeful step towards a sustainable future marks just the beginning of KYOTO’s positive impact-focused initiatives.

KYOTO’s Vision for a Greener World

KYOTO aims to revolutionise the Web3 space by integrating everyday blockchain activities with global ecological impact. Users and developers are empowered to contribute effortlessly to a greener world, whether through routine blockchain activities like DeFi and NFTs or by building projects on their highly-anticipated Layer 1 blockchain. The company is committed to protecting areas disproportionately affected by climate change and combating issues such as deforestation.

Overall it can be said that KYOTO’s successful planting of one million mangrove trees is a powerful statement of intent in its pursuit of environmental preservation. As the blockchain’s launch approaches, the company remains dedicated to creating a positive impact on the environment and building a better, greener future. With its commitment to sustainability and carbon offsetting, KYOTO sets an example for the blockchain industry, offering a pathway to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

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