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Keki.Finance ($KEKI): Baking Success with $CAKE Burns on BNBChain

Burning $CAKE for a cause: Unveiling the purposeful journey of $KEKI on BNBChain, aiming to revitalize the crypto space with meme-powered momentum.

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Keki.Finance ($KEKI) emerges as a pioneering force on the BNBChain landscape, driven by the aim to inject vitality through the power of memes. Founded by prominent figures within the BNB and $CAKE ecosystems, Keki aspires to be a meme with a purpose, leveraging the influence of memes to stimulate ecosystem growth.

Keki’s strategy revolves around every transaction involving $KEKI, directing revenue towards the buyback and burn of $CAKE. As $CAKE holds a central position in the BNBChain utility projects, Keki’s commitment to burning 10 million $CAKE by the end of 2024 signifies a bold step towards exponential impact.

Public Launch Details

Tokenomics Improvement and Collaborations

Following a successful launch and surpassing 500 unique holders, the $KEKI team implements the next tokenomics improvement. They have initiated buybacks using tax revenue at specific milestones, showcasing a proactive approach. Keki’s journey reaches a significant milestone with their first $CAKE burn! To celebrate surpassing the $1m market cap milestone, they’ve burned $1000 worth of CAKE. The team’s commitment extends to staking 2.5 million $CAKE, further reinforcing their dedication to the $CAKE community. Staking revenue from this significant amount will fund daily $KEKI buybacks, creating a symbiotic relationship between $CAKE and $KEKI.

By correlating $CAKE’s success with their own, Keki’s approach establishes a reciprocal relationship. The team’s commitment to buybacks reflects their belief in fostering a robust relationship between $CAKE and $KEKI.

$KEKI Roadmap for the Future

From its inception, Keki envisioned itself as a $CAKE burning machine, aiming to revitalize the BNBChain ecosystem. The burning roadmap outlines strategic milestones where Keki will burn millions of dollars worth of $CAKE. As Keki achieves growth and hits milestones, these burns become a testament to its commitment to the BNBChain ecosystem.

The $CAKE burn roadmap

Tokenomics Overview

  • Initial Circulating Market Cap: ~$80k (aligned with Pinksale price)
  • Pinksale Claim: No claim needed; tokens on the new address will be airdropped automatically before launch.
  • Initial Total Supply: 750 billion $KEKI
    • 250 billion to be burnt
    • 300 billion sold in the public presale
    • 100 billion allocated to the initial LP on Pancakeswap
    • 100 billion allocated to ecosystem growth
  • Initial Circulating Supply: 400 billion $KEKI
  • Tax: 5/5, utilized for $CAKE burns, $KEKI buybacks/LP, marketing

Keki.Finance emerges not just as a meme but as a purposeful driving force on the BNBChain. With an ambitious burning roadmap, strategic tokenomics, and a commitment to buybacks, Keki sets itself apart in the crypto landscape. As it fuels its journey with meme power, the correlation between $CAKE and $KEKI’s success becomes a pioneering model in decentralized governance.

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