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Just-In: CoinDCX and Koinex Join Forces to Accelerate India’s Crypto Adoption

Together, CoinDCX and Koinex aim to provide a smooth transition for Koinex customers while highlighting support for the Web3 community and e

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CoinDCX and Koinex have announced a strategic combination as a means of overcoming the regulatory obstacles that exist in India with regard to the cryptocurrency industry. By providing answers to the problems consumers have in the wake of regulatory uncertainty, the agreement seeks to support the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the nation.

To address the issues raised by Koinex users after its closure, CoinDCX and Koinex have reached a deal. Through this agreement, one lakh current Koinex customers will be able to access their assets through the CoinDCX platform with ease. The goal of the action is to give India access to a transparent and safe Virtual Digital Asset (VDA) ecosystem.

CoinDCX, the top exchange in India that complies with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, is dedicated to promoting a safe and open VDA environment in that nation. The acquisition of Koinex highlights CoinDCX’s commitment to offering a stable platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts while overcoming legal obstacles.

Promises a Smooth Transition for Current Koinex Users to Access Assets through CoinDCX

It should be easy for current Koinex users to switch to CoinDCX and access their holdings. Users will experience no difficulties switching between platforms thanks to the merging.

Assets will be transferred to the CoinDCX platform automatically for users who already have CoinDCX accounts and whose KYC information matches. Nonetheless, a simple onboarding procedure is in place to make it easier for those who need KYC verification or don’t have matching details to access their assets.

CoinDCX has set up a special customer support center for Koinex users in order to offer tailored guidance and help. The goal of this program is to make sure that users have a seamless and comforting integration procedure.

Co-founder of CoinDCX Highlights Support for Web3 Community and User Empowerment

Co-founder of CoinDCX Sumit Gupta emphasizes the company’s dedication to enabling users and the Web3 community. With the help of projects like the merger with Koinex, CoinDCX hopes to support the expansion and advancement of the cryptocurrency industry in India.
An important step toward encouraging the acceptance of cryptocurrencies in India is the combination of CoinDCX and Koinex. Through addressing the needs of Koinex users and overcoming regulatory obstacles, the merger opens the door for increased adoption and use of cryptocurrencies throughout the nation.

CoinDCX is still open to new collaborations that improve consumer value and advance the ecosystem. The company’s openness to working with other industry participants is indicative of its dedication to promoting innovation and growth in India’s cryptocurrency market.

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