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Fjord V2 Released: A Paradigm Shift in On-Chain Liquidity Bootstrapping

Fjord V2: Redefining token launches with enhanced features and cross-chain LBPs for seamless liquidity. Join the revolution!

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In a significant stride towards innovation and adaptability, Fjord V2 emerges, signaling a transformative phase in the platform’s journey. Having facilitated projects in securing $770 million in liquidity since September 2021, Fjord now aims to redefine the intersection of pioneering projects and engaged communities. The upcoming changes, both philosophical and technological, aim to create a platform that offers more meaningful and unique experiences for all stakeholders.

Fjord V2 Rollout Strategy

Fjord V2 adopts a staged rollout strategy, leveraging a re-engineered foundation that allows faster and more flexible updates. The phased approach ensures the introduction of an enhanced user interface and a selection of new features in the initial release, with subsequent features being progressively rolled out. This incremental approach not only ensures a swift MVP release of V2 but also lays the groundwork for seamless iterations in the future.

First Release Highlights

Scheduled for November 24th, the first release of Fjord V2 promises several groundbreaking features:

  1. Token Vesting: Introducing customizable vesting schedules for automated token distribution, enhancing the security and smoothness of the release process.
  2. Buy Only LBPs: A new avenue for price discovery, simplifying the process and aiding participants in understanding the Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) mechanism.
  3. Zero Collateral LBPs: Innovating the market entry model by launching tokens with no initial collateral, allowing dynamic price determination as participation unfolds.

Future Releases Teasers

In the weeks/months following the initial release, Fjord V2 has exciting features lined up, including:

  1. Custom Token Redemption: Integration of custom tokens into LBPs for more diverse redemption options.
  2. Soft and Hard Caps: Establishing clear funding goals with minimum and maximum thresholds, offering a structured framework.
  3. Referral Fees: Leveraging community networks by introducing referral incentives for enhanced LBP reach and engagement.
  4. Limit Orders: Providing precision in buying into projects by enabling users to set predetermined prices for transactions.
  5. Whitelisting: Adding an extra layer of security and exclusivity to LBPs by enabling participant whitelisting.
  6. Leaderboard: Fostering a competitive spirit and community engagement with a leaderboard showcasing significant LBP contributors.
  7. Fixed Price Sales: Simplifying participation with fixed-price token sales, offering straightforward valuations to potential backers.

Upcoming LBPs Celebration

To celebrate the launch of V2, Fjord announces upcoming LBPs:

  1. Weave & PariFi — November 24th
  2. Ledgity Yield, Cadence Protocol & Decentra Credit — November 27th
  3. Xave, FOMO House & Gusher — Early December

Fjord’s Cross-Chain LBPs via Connext

In another groundbreaking move, Fjord Foundry becomes the pioneer in offering cross-chain Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools (LBPs) through Connext. This innovative network enables fast, trustless communication between chains and rollups, fostering secure cross-chain transactions. The development aims to democratize access to LBPs, mitigating the impact of gas costs and encouraging participation across various chains.

How It Works

Users can seamlessly participate in LBPs on the Ethereum mainnet using liquidity from alternative chains, such as Arbitrum, Optimism, BNB Chain, or Polygon. The integration of Connext allows for swift and secure cross-chain swaps, reducing the barriers to entry for users who may have been deterred by gas costs.

Why It Matters

By supporting cross-chain transactions, Fjord aims to diversify the hosting of LBPs, making it more accessible for creators to launch projects on lower-fee alternative chains. This move aligns with Fjord’s mission of making early-stage ideas available to everyone.

Fjord’s journey, marked by substantial liquidity facilitation, takes a transformative turn with V2 and cross-chain LBPs. As the platform evolves, it promises to redefine the dynamics of token launches, offering a fairer, more transparent landscape for industry participants.

Stay connected with Fjord on Discord and Twitter/X for the latest updates as the platform continues to innovate in the crypto space.

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