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Find your treasure: Build your legacy in the Pirates of the Arrland community.

Are you ready to embark on a swashbuckling adventure in the world of blockchain gaming? Look no further than Pirates of the Arrland,

by V. Sinclair
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Sail the High Seas of Blockchain Gaming with Pirates of the Arrland

In the realm of blockchain gaming, are you prepared to go on an exciting adventure? For a unique blend of 3D PVP fights, on-chain tactics, and an engaged, passionate community, go no farther than Pirates of the Arrland, a Play & Earn initiative that’s creating waves.

What Makes Pirates of the Arrland Stand Out?

High-Profile Backing: Prominent cryptocurrency influencers such as Ivan on Tech have endorsed the initiative, and it has a solid group of early investors that includes companies like Crypto League, Synapse Network, and Tenset Incubator.

Proven Development Team: Pirates of the Arrland’s development team has a proven track record; they have created two successful Steam games that have sold over 300,000 copies and had an 83% positive rating.

Innovative Gameplay: Pirates of the Arrland offers players a varied and captivating experience by smoothly fusing an on-chain strategy game with 3D PVP combat (MOBA style).

Sustainable Economy: With a fully on-chain strategic game, a sustainable in-game economy, and a well-defined tokenomics model, the game offers value for both players and investors.


A Closer Look at the Project:

Closed Seed and Private A Rounds Completed: Fundraising success demonstrates investor confidence in the project’s potential.

Private B Round Open: 450k USD remains available for potential investors to join the adventure.

Active Community: Over 3,000 registered players and a vibrant community across Telegram, Twitter, Discord, and YouTube testify to the project’s appeal.

Developed Prototypes: Alpha footage and trailers showcase the 3D PVP battles and interactive map, demonstrating the team’s progress.


$RUM Token Metrics:

- Initial Circulating Supply: 75,000,000

- Initial Market Cap: $300,000

- Token Distribution: Seed (10%), Private A (10%), Private B (20%), Public Sale (25%)

- Vesting Schedule: Seed (3 month cliff, 10 months linear), Private A/B (2 month cliff, 10 months linear), Public Sale (1 month cliff, 3 months linear)

IDOs and Listings Coming Soon: Expect IDOs in Q1/Q2 2024 with listings following in Q2.

More Than Just a Game:

Pirates of the Arrland is building an immersive pirate ecosystem, complete with:

NFT-powered characters, ships, and islands: Own your in-game assets and leverage them for strategic advantage.

Strategic map with interactive elements: Control your island, trade resources, and forge alliances in the on-chain strategy layer.

3D PVP battles with tactical depth: Master your skills and teamwork to dominate the high seas in dynamic MOBA-style combat.


Dive into the Depths:

Ready to set sail with Pirates of the Arrland? Here’s how:

• Visit the official website:
• Join the community on Telegram:
• Follow the latest updates on Twitter:
• Engage in discussions on Discord:
• Watch exclusive video content on YouTube:

Don’t pass up this thrilling chance to participate in, own, and profit from the constantly changing world of blockchain gaming. Together with Pirates of the Arrland, raise your Jolly Roger, seize your cutlass, and prepare to sail the high seas!

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