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Enthusiastic Crypto Whale Acquires 996 Billion PEPE Coins

An anonymous and enthusiastic crypto whale recently invested in 996 billion PEPE coins after experiencing significant losses in ARB trades.

by Isaac lane
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A crypto enthusiast, operating under anonymity, made a substantial investment in 996 billion PEPE meme coins. This acquisition comes on the heels of significant losses incurred in ARB trades, amounting to over a million USD.

@lookonchain, a blockchain sleuth that monitors the on-chain activities of “Smart Money” wallets, reported this whale’s notable investment of $1.11 million in nearly one billion PEPE coins over the past two days.

Losses in ARB and Gains with MKR

The anonymous whale’s recent acquisition of 996 billion PEPE came after a series of trades that included losses in ARB and profits in MKR. This year, the trader experienced a loss of 456 ETH, equivalent to $1.3 million, while engaging in ARB trading. Conversely, the trader generated a profit of 269 ETH, approximately $423,000, from MKR trading.

The whale’s ARB trades involved an expenditure of 2,039 ETH, valued at nearly $4 million, to obtain 3.26 million ARB for $1.5. Subsequently, the trader sold this ARB for 1,583 ETH, equivalent to $2.45 million, at a rate of $0.75, resulting in a loss of 456 ETH, equivalent to $1.3 million.

The whale’s MKR trades included the purchase of 1,184 MRK. This acquisition was executed with 1,348 ETH, valued at $2.19 million, for $1,164. Following this, the trader sold MKR for 1,617 ETH, amounting to $2.61 million, earning a profit of 269 ETH, or $423,000.

As of the latest update, the PEPE meme coin is being traded at $0.000001085, based on data provided by CoinMarketCap. It has experienced a 6.46% increase in value within the last 24 hours.

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