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Elon Musk’s Positive Tweet Boosts Crypto Community Enthusiasm

Elon Musk's Pledge to Enhance Creator Platform Sparks Crypto Hopes

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In a tweet, prominent figure Elon Musk expressed his commitment to transforming the former Twitter into an optimal space for global creators. This statement elicited an immediate response from XRP and Dogecoin-focused accounts, along with smaller ones, expressing their desire to receive payments in their preferred cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Payment Speculation Renewed

Following earlier rumors of an “X coin” issuance on Musk’s platform, the crypto community continued to push for crypto payments. Musk dispelled those rumors, clarifying that there were no plans for such a token. Currently, the platform disburses revenue to creators in fiat. Despite this, advocates persist in their request for cryptocurrency integration on X.

Clarification on Platform Features and Rumors

Contrary to media reports, Musk confirmed that there are no intentions to launch an internal trading service for stocks and cryptocurrencies on the newly rebranded X platform. Although X offers extended content capabilities like long reads and video streaming, the awaited integration of Dogecoin for payments is yet to materialize.

In response to recent speculation about a “special” announcement, the DOGE community anticipated a payment-related development. However, Musk’s clarification pertained to the platform not retaining any creator rewards until payouts surpass $100,000.


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