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Learn More About UK’s Crypto Regulation Advances During the FTX Crash

The UK is leading the way in crypto regulations, supporting regulation, encouraging innovation, and guaranteeing solid permission for safety in the wake of the FTX tragedy.

by V. Sinclair
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Britain took a major step when it said that it would implement ground-breaking laws to regulate the UK cryptocurrency industry. This was the country’s first extensive entry into the digital asset market. As for the new regulations, they will require market players to get permission before providing services to customers, which is an important step toward improving security and openness in the bitcoin space.

UK Takes Crypto Rule Advances

In line with previous public consultations, the British Finance Ministry announced its intention to enact legislation for the cryptocurrency industry, according to Reuters. Similar regulations enacted in the European Union will be mirrored by the upcoming law, which will require companies engaged in cryptoasset activities to obtain clearance from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

In the meantime, the ministry stated in its feedback statement that, subject to availability within the Parliamentary schedule, the government is targeting the introduction of phase 2 secondary legislation in 2024 to answer calls for clearer dates and speed the entire implementation plan.

A tiny portion of the global financial system consists of crypto assets. But a closer look has been necessitated by worries about how they might affect consumer safety and mainstream finance.

Notably, the collapse of the FTX exchange heightened scrutiny and raised important concerns about the cryptocurrency space.

In the meantime, extensive regulations for cryptoasset markets have already been adopted by the European Union, drawing crypto companies to set up shop in the area. The finance ministry of the United Kingdom is currently attempting to emulate this, making sure that regulatory actions cover digital assets like Bitcoin and the fundamental blockchain or distributed ledger technology (DLT) that drives the sector.

Meanwhile, recent market developments, most notably the collapse of the FTX exchange, have impacted the government’s suggested steps. This emphasizes even more the need for sensible regulation and more participation from the industry, as the government has stressed.

Britain Promotes Safety Measures to Encourage Innovation

Britain is committed to creating an environment where businesses may innovate without sacrificing financial stability, even in the face of strict regulations. Enabling people to safely and securely use new technology is the main goal in the interim.

The government intends to speed the total implementation of these regulations in order to give the crypto sector more clarity. In the upcoming year, secondary legislation will be introduced to parliament.

The primary regulatory framework that applies to cryptocurrency companies in the UK at the moment is anti-money laundering, but these new legislation will bring in broader monitoring.

This announcement, however, comes at a critical juncture for the cryptocurrency market as the value of Bitcoin, the biggest cryptocurrency globally, is rising. Following a recent surge to above $35,000 ,the highest in nearly a year and a half, has sparked speculation that a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) may soon become a reality in the United States.

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