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Digital Futures: NFTUK Unveils Tech Marvels at SamsungKX on December 20 in London

Explore tech convergence at NFTUK's Digital Futures event: AI, deepfake, regulation, and more at SamsungKX, London.

by Isaac lane
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On December 20, experience tech discussions and immersive exhibits at NFTUK’s “Digital Futures” event, SamsungKX, London, from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM GMT.

What is NFTUK?

NFTUK leads the Web3 revolution, merging community, culture, and technology in the UK. Their “Digital Futures” event at SamsungKX on December 20 promises a dynamic evening of discourse, showcasing AR wearables and AI-enabled robots. NFTUK’s commitment to Closing the year by bringing the 24 artists together. To know more about this visit-

What to Expect:

Attendees can anticipate a captivating panel discussion addressing the technological intersections of AI, deepfake, regulatory frameworks, and the underlying human sentiment. The event promises insights into the evolving landscape of these cutting-edge technologies.

Distinguished Speakers:

A leading figure in Web3 gaming, Animoca Brands is known for its involvement in Sandbox and explores the intersection of blockchain, gaming, and investment.

Bringing expertise in the field, Daniel is set to contribute insights into the dynamic realm of emerging technologies.

  • Shama Rahman, Founder of NeuroCreate & PhD in Neuroscience and Complexity:

A distinguished expert in neuroscience and complexity, Shama Rahman will provide valuable perspectives on integrating technology with cognitive sciences.

Moderated by Omri Bouton:

Omri Bouton, a Blockchain/NFTs, Web3 & Emerging Tech Lawyer at Sheridan’s, Advisor at NFTUK, and Legal Mentor at Outlier Ventures (Base Camp), will serve as the moderator, guiding the discussion and ensuring a fruitful exploration of the chosen topics.

Interactive Activities:

  • Playful AR Wearables:

Attendees can engage with interactive Augmented Reality wearables, adding an experiential layer to the event.

  • Speaking Robot Enabled by AI:

A real, physically speaking robot, driven by Artificial Intelligence, will be showcased, demonstrating the advancements in robotic technologies.

  • Immersive Exhibition Curated by NFTUK:

A curated exhibition promises to immerse attendees in various immersive experiences related to NFTs and emerging technologies.

Drink Sponsor:

The event is sponsored by Aqua Libra, known for infusing water with nature’s ingredients, providing attendees with refreshing and natural beverages.

Important Note:

To ensure maximum participation, attendees are encouraged to arrive on time, as the panel conversation is scheduled to commence promptly at 7 PM. Additionally, general event filming will take place, with content shared across NFTUK’s social media channels.

The “Digital Futures” event at SamsungKX offers a unique opportunity for individuals interested in the convergence of technology, regulation, and human sentiment to engage with leading experts and explore the forefront of innovation.

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