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DeSantis emerges as a prominent advocate for Bitcoin following the GOP debate, while Trump maintains his lead.

After the GOP debate, Governor Ron DeSantis gains traction as a strong supporter of Bitcoin, while former President Trump continues to maintain a commanding lead.

by V. Sinclair
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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a vocal supporter of Bitcoin, has experienced a notable surge in his presidential campaign. According to a recent national poll, DeSantis’s stance on the cryptocurrency, combined with his strong performance in the debate, has resonated well with Republican voters.

Emerging as a New Contender

The InsiderAdvantage survey reveals that DeSantis now commands 18% of the support from likely Republican primary and caucus voters, a significant increase from his pre-debate score of 10%. During the debate, which focused on topics such as crime, immigration, and the economy, DeSantis’s views stood out, leading political consultant Ryan Girdusky to comment that he appeared highly presidential.

Another GOP candidate, Nikki Haley, also experienced a boost in support, doubling her numbers from 5% to 11% due to her assertive performance in the same debate. However, biotech and pro-crypto entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy maintained a steady 7% support.

Trump’s Decline and Continued Dominance

Despite not participating in the debate, former President Donald Trump still maintains a strong lead with 45% support among Republicans, although this is a 6-point decrease from previous polls. Trump has recently faced criticism, becoming the first US president in history to have a mugshot. However, he remains active on Truth Social, where he highlighted another poll showing his lead over Joe Biden.

In a Reuters/Ipsos poll, Trump was shown to have an advantage over Biden in a potential general election rematch, with 38% support compared to Biden’s 32%. Interestingly, 30% of respondents remained neutral between the two high-profile candidates. Among Republican respondents, Trump’s lead was even more significant, with a 52%-13% advantage over DeSantis.

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