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Crypto Chaos: Unibot Hacked, $600K Stolen, Price Plummets!

Catastrophe struck on Unibot, the Unified Crypto Trading Terminal, fell victim to a vicious hacker. User assets worth over $600,000 have been stolen

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unibot hacked

Unibot, the renowned unified crypto trading terminal, has fallen victim to a daring hack. A malevolent hacker has infiltrated Unibot’s defences and made off  $600,000 in user assets.

The exploit was first exposed by vigilant crypto watchdog, realScamSniffer, who pinpointed the malicious address responsible for this audacious breach: 0x413e4Fb75c300B92fEc12D7c44e4c0b4FAAB4d04.

The shockwaves from this hack have reverberated through the market, driving the price of UNIBOT into a dizzying nosedive. In mere minutes, it plummeted from $57 to a mere $32, triggering a storm of market turmoil and panic among traders and investors.

 Here’s what you can to do to save your funds :
  1. Relocate Your Funds: Transfer your assets from Unibot to a more secure and trusted wallet. Your digital wealth must not remain exposed to the lurking threat.
  2. Revoke Approvals: Immediately revoke any contract approvals related to Unibot, leaving no room for the hacker’s maneuvers.

 Official Statement from Unibot: Response to the Security Incident

Unibot Reports Security Incident: A token approval exploit has been detected within our new router, prompting us to take immediate action. In the interest of safeguarding our users, we have temporarily paused our router to contain the issue. Rest assured, your keys and wallets remain secure.

Compensation for Losses: Unibot  will diligently work to compensate any funds lost due to the bug within the new router.

 Ongoing Investigations: The team is actively conducting in-depth investigations into the incident to better understand its scope and impact. Promises to provide a comprehensive and transparent response as soon as the investigations conclude.

Price Plummets

In the wake of this devastating attack, Unibot’s native cryptocurrency, $UNIBOT, was sent tumbling down a precipitous slope, plummeting from $57 to a mere $32 within a matter of minutes.

While the crypto community is known for its resilience, the Unibot hack serves as a stark reminder of the ever-present threats in this brave new digital frontier.


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