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Creator of Bitcoin Ordinal introduces new Bitcoin token protocol.

The developer of Bitcoin Ordinals has unveiled "Runes," a solution for UTXO clutter and BRC-20 transfers.

by V. Sinclair
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Introduction of Runes as a Bitcoin Token Protocol
Casey Rodarmor, the creator of Bitcoin Ordinals, has introduced a new method called “Runes” for creating and transferring fungible tokens on the Bitcoin network. Runes is proposed as an alternative to the existing BRC-20 token standard, addressing challenges related to UTXO clutter and BRC-20 transfers. This innovative approach aims to provide a superior solution for token creation and transfer on the Bitcoin network.

Challenges with BRC-20 Tokens and UTXO Clutter
While BRC-20 tokens have gained popularity, allowing for the creation and transfer of fungible tokens on Bitcoin, they have led to the generation of excessive “junk” UTXOs within the network. These UTXOs represent remaining balances stored in wallets after transactions and contribute to network clutter. To overcome this issue, Rodarmor proposes Runes as a UTXO-based alternative that minimizes UTXO clutter while seamlessly integrating into Bitcoin’s framework.

Benefits and Challenges of UTXO Model in Bitcoin Ecosystem
The use of UTXOs is crucial for the integrity and transparency of the Bitcoin ledger, preventing double-spending and enabling transaction verification. While the UTXO model offers benefits such as improved scalability and efficiency, it also presents challenges related to network size increase, storage space, and bandwidth for token protocols. Rodarmor emphasizes the importance of minimizing the creation of unnecessary UTXOs to address storage issues. He expresses skepticism towards existing fungible token protocols on Bitcoin but recognizes the potential for a beneficial protocol to enhance Bitcoin’s advantages and attract users and developers to the network.

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