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CoinMarketCap Launches CMC Labs: A Web3 Startup Accelerator Program

CoinMarketCap extended its AI endeavors by partnering with ChainGPT, to introduce a $50,000 airdrop of $CGPT tokens.

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CoinMarketCap, the leading crypto market data provider, has unveiled CMC Labs, a specialized Web3 startup accelerator program designed to empower aspiring entrepreneurs entering the competitive Web3 space. The one-year program offers participants a comprehensive curriculum, access to industry mentors, and exposure to potential investors.

Highly Selective Program

CMC Labs is notably exclusive, admitting only a limited number of participants. Prospective candidates must meet specific criteria to be considered for the program. To apply, individuals must complete the CMC Labs Due Diligence Questionnaire, emphasizing the selective nature of the initiative.

Program Features

Airdrop Campaign | Source: CoinMarketCap

Enrolled participants gain exclusive access to various CMC Labs features, including the “Learn & Earn” campaign, Airdrop campaigns, CMC Deep Dive content creation, infographic services, and CMC Community-Live. The “Learn & Earn” campaign incentivizes learning through fun educational videos, quizzes, and cryptocurrency rewards. CMC Community-Live enables participants to engage with established followers in the CMC Community through hosting or attending events.

The program is supported by leading blockchain entities, including BNB Chain, Polygon (MATIC), and Avalanche (AVAX). These partners contribute technical guidance, networking opportunities, and investment potential, enhancing the overall development package offered by CMC Labs.

CoinMarketCap’s AI Ventures

Before venturing into Web3 acceleration, CoinMarketCap made strides in artificial intelligence (AI) with the launch of a ChatGPT plugin. This plugin, available exclusively to ChatGPT Plus subscribers using GPT-4, integrates CMC data with ChatGPT’s capabilities, transforming crypto analysis by providing insights into market correlations, performance, and trends.

AI Collaborations and Airdrops

CoinMarketCap extended its AI endeavors by partnering with ChainGPT, an AI infrastructure network for Web3, to introduce a $50,000 airdrop of $CGPT tokens, fostering engagement among crypto enthusiasts.

Building on its AI initiatives, CoinMarketCap is actively working on additional AI features, though specific details remain undisclosed. The company aims to continue innovating in the AI space, anticipating further releases soon.

CoinMarketCap’s multifaceted approach, combining Web3 acceleration and AI integration, underscores its commitment to advancing the crypto industry through education, collaboration, and technological innovation. Participants in CMC Labs can expect a tailored and immersive experience as they navigate the complexities of the Web3 landscape.

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