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Build School by Superteam UK at the University of York: Empowering Students in Web3 and Emerging Tech

The University of York recently served as the venue for Build School, a one-day event hosted by Superteam UK.

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This event aimed to equip students with the skills, connections, and confidence to thrive in the rapidly evolving landscape of Web3 and emerging technologies. This immersive experience brought together industry leaders, students, and enthusiasts for a day of learning, collaboration, and exploration.

Unveiling the Mission:

Build School’s mission is to empower the next generation of builders, leaders, creators, and researchers. The event focused on emerging technologies like Blockchain, AI, XR, and IoT, fostering a space for students to discover their potential and carve their path in these exciting fields.

The event commenced with a captivating keynote address from Superteam UK, setting the stage for an information-rich day. Students then delved into various workshops tailored to their specific interests, whether they were aspiring builders, leaders, creators, or researchers.

Highlights of the Workshops:

  • Where to Start Learning: This session equipped students with key websites, online courses, and recommended influencers to jumpstart their learning journey in both technical and leadership aspects.
  • Where to Start Earning: Students explored various avenues for earning opportunities, including bounties, grants, hackathons, and even potential careers in the Web3 space.
  • Where to Start Building: Interactive sessions provided hands-on experience with bounty hunting, content creation, and pitch workshops, allowing students to refine their skills and potentially win exciting prizes.

Beyond the Workshops:

Build School offered more than just workshops. Students connected with industry leaders through live sessions and roundtable discussions, gaining valuable insights and real-world experiences. 

This fostered a spirit of collaboration and encouraged students to actively engage with the emerging tech ecosystem. Aprat for Coinbrit being the media partner of the event, Ash, the CEO of CoinBrit, actively participated as a speaker, sharing valuable insights and perspectives with the students.


A Glimpse into the Packed Agenda:

The day unfolded with a carefully curated agenda designed to cater to diverse student interests:

  • Morning: Students kicked off the day with an inspiring keynote address, followed by a panel discussion featuring successful industry leaders supported by Superteam. Interactive workshops delved into various topics, equipping students with the knowledge and skills to start their journeys in Web3, both as builders and leaders.
  • Afternoon: The afternoon offered engaging activities, including hands-on bounty hunting and content creation sessions, pitch workshops to refine presentation skills, and a live session exploring careers in blockchain accounting.
  • Wrap-Up: The event concluded with interactive roundtable discussions, allowing students to connect with industry leaders and peers, solidifying their learnings and building valuable connections.

Who Benefitted from Build School?

The event catered to a diverse range of students, including:

  • Builders: Individuals passionate about coding and development, seeking opportunities in bounties, grants, and hackathons.
  • Leaders: Students interested in the business side of Web3, exploring mentorships, grants, and leadership roles.
  • Creators: Aspiring artists, designers, and content creators seeking bounties, collaborations, and social media ambassadorship opportunities.
  • Researchers: Individuals with a research inclination, exploring content creation, grants, and research opportunities.

The Takeaway:

Build School successfully equipped students with the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate the exciting world of Web3 and emerging technologies. The event fostered a community of passionate individuals, encouraging them to collaborate, build, and shape the future of these innovative fields.

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