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BONKBOT Launches Solana Flywheel Initiative to Boost Ecosystem Funding

Unique Program Offers Direct Support to Solana DAOs Through BONKBOT Transactions.

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BONKBOT, a popular Telegram (TG) bot operating within the Solana ecosystem, has introduced a groundbreaking initiative aimed at bolstering funding for Solana Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). The innovative program, dubbed the “Solana Flywheel,” pledges to allocate an additional 10% of BONKBOT’s revenue to support various Solana DAOs.

Supporting Solana Ecosystem

BONKBOT‘s initiative is founded on the principle that Solana’s liquidity should inherently support its ecosystem. By channeling a portion of its revenue directly into Solana DAOs, BONKBOT aims to foster growth and sustainability within the Solana community.

How It Works

  • New users of BONKBOT contribute 20% referral fees to the designated DAO.
  • Returning users continue to support the DAO with 10% referral fees, while original referrers retain their 10% share.
  • Users have the flexibility to switch their support to different DAOs by clicking on alternative partner links.

Direct Funding to Solana Ecosystem

BONKBOT’s commitment ensures that up to 60% of its transaction fees will be injected directly into the Solana ecosystem, benefiting both established and emerging Solana DAOs. This strategic allocation aims to maintain liquidity within Solana and empower its diverse communities.

In addition to supporting Solana DAOs, utilizing BONKBOT offers users a streamlined and efficient experience. Renowned for its speed and reliability, BONKBOT has garnered praise within the Solana community as the preferred TG bot.

Community Support

Reflecting on their journey within the Solana ecosystem since 2021, BONKBOT underscores the challenges faced by DAOs in securing consistent funding. With the launch of the Solana Flywheel initiative, BONKBOT aims to provide enduring support to Solana communities.


Wave 1 Partners

BONKBOT has unveiled its initial wave of partners, including prominent Solana DAOs such as MonkeDAO, MadSkullsNFT, DegenApeAcademy, and many others. These collaborations signify a collective effort to propel the Solana ecosystem forward.

Call for Participation

BONKBOT encourages additional Solana DAOs to join the initiative, emphasizing inclusivity and collaboration. Interested communities are invited to engage with BONKBOT to explore partnership opportunities.

BONKBOT’s Solana Flywheel initiative marks a significant step towards enhancing funding and support for Solana DAOs. With its innovative approach and community-driven ethos, BONKBOT aims to cultivate a thriving ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders within the Solana community.

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