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Blockchain and Decentralized Science Shine at Longevity+DeSci Summit in NYC

NFTs emerged as a funding tool, revolutionizing research financing.

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The Longevity+DeSci Summit in New York City highlighted innovative decentralized solutions in the field. From August 10-11, the sixth annual event, which focused on longevity and decentralized science (DeSci), took place at the Capitale conference hall. This marked the return to in-person sessions after pandemic-induced virtual editions.

Attendees line up. Source: Lifespan

Rise of Decentralized Science

Decentralized science, occurring outside traditional academia, gained momentum due to blockchain technology. DeSci gained prominence at the event, featuring blockchain’s role in reshaping scientific exploration. Todd White of VitaDAO emphasized how blockchain empowers biotech firms to finance their ventures beyond conventional National Institute of Health (NIH) grants.

Challenges and Blockchain Solutions

The conference tackled challenges in longevity science, dispelling notions of perpetual life. Instead, the focus shifted to tackling root causes of age-related conditions. Delegates explored how blockchain could enhance longevity research and policy advocacy. Notably, intellectual property-NFTs (non-fungible tokens) emerged as a funding tool, revolutionizing research financing.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Ethical Considerations

The event fostered collaborations, breaking down barriers to entry with affordable tickets. Collaboration was prioritized over exclusivity. Discussions delved into regulatory matters, including the role of semantics. Key questions revolved around defining biomarkers for aging and effective messaging for policy and funding.

Gladyshev presents at the event. Source: Lifespan

The event underscored the transformative potential of both longevity science and DeSci, united by technology’s influence. While the dream of immortality persists, the focus shifted to redefining health and understanding the body’s interconnectedness. As technology advances, blockchain and decentralized science continue to drive novel possibilities in the pursuit of extended lifespans and improved well-being.

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