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BLK DNM: A ‘Connected Fashion’ Journey Towards Sustainability and Responsibility

American-Swedish fashion brand BLK DNM embarks on a transformation into luxury fashion, guided by a commitment to sustainability and responsibility, amplified through blockchain technology.

by Isaac lane
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BLK DNM, renowned for its 1960s and 1970s-inspired aesthetics, has recently undergone a significant evolution. Under the leadership of CEO Toni Collin, the brand has repositioned itself as a luxury fashion entity. Moreover, it entered a new phase when it was acquired by Swedish blockchain technology firm ChromaWay.

Leather Jacket With Blockchain Technology from BLK DNM Source: BLK DNM

Collin’s vision for BLK DNM is to become a “Connected Fashion” concept, emphasizing sustainability and responsibility. To manifest this commitment, the brand introduced a collection of leather jackets integrated with blockchain technology. These jackets feature NFC chips that instantly confirm their authenticity, mitigating the risk of counterfeit products. Each item possesses a digital twin, a unique identity, allowing the tracking of data from inception to future provenance.

Jessy Heuvelink, Creative Director of BLK DNM Source: BLK DNM

Creative Director Jessy Heuvelink explained, “Our jackets will tell a story. With our blockchain technology, you can track the provenance and authenticate, creating a life story of the jacket and its value.”

Forever Refund Policy and Circular Economy

BLK DNM also introduces a “Forever Refund Policy,” ensuring customers a redeemable value of at least 10% for items returned for recycling. The refurbished products are then resold, promoting a circular economy. Collin stressed the brand’s commitment to both responsible production and consumer behavior, stating, “We believe in taking responsibility for the quantity of products we produce and aim to inspire our customers to take responsibility for the amount they consume.”

Toni Collin, CEO of BLK DNM Source: BLK DNM

In its new phase, BLK DNM prioritizes strategic and sustainable expansion over excessive production and rapid growth. Collin emphasized the significance of thoughtful decision-making and the cultivation of organic growth through the right partnerships. The brand aims to build a more sustainable and profitable company.

Conscious Fabrication and Iconic Pieces

BLK DNM’s conscious effort to employ shared fabrications and styles across both men’s and women’s collections not only enhances efficiency but also reduces fabric waste. The brand’s philosophy centers on creating iconic pieces that incorporate sustainability and responsibility seamlessly into the value chain, driven by themes of equality, freedom, politics, and art.

Beaded evening gown paired with a black denim jacket from BLK DNM Source: BLK DNM

As BLK DNM embarks on its ‘Connected Fashion’ journey, it represents a shift towards ethical and environmentally responsible fashion, echoing the importance of sustainability in the modern fashion industry.

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