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Birmingham BuildExpress: Expanding the Solana Community One City At a Time

The Birmingham BuildExpress, hosted by SuperteamUK and powered by Solana took place recently, bringing together UK entrepreneurs, founders, and developers for a jam-packed day of learning, networking, and building the future of blockchain technology.

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The day kicked off with welcoming remarks and introductions, setting the stage for a collaborative and inspiring atmosphere. Attendees participated in introductory workshops hosted by Stephen Newnham from SuperteamUK, providing a solid foundation for navigating the day’s activities.

Expert Insights 


Dr Olinga Taeed, an Angel Investor, shared valuable insights and knowledge in the CEO Strand Workshops, guiding aspiring entrepreneurs on strategic building and leadership. 

Trung Heiu from SuperteamUK and Syncvote led the Dev Strand Workshops, delving into technical aspects of the Solana ecosystem and equipping developers with practical skills.

Sharpening the Craft with Pitch Decks

Pitch Deck Feedback sessions gave startups the opportunity to refine their presentations and receive valuable feedback from experienced professionals like Stephen Newnham, Abhishek Triparti and Michael Harding. 

The afternoon session on Airdrops & Solana DAPPS by 0xMughal (WAJ) explored decentralized applications and the potential of airdrops in the blockchain space.

Facing the Spotlight 

Sean Sinclair, Founder of NFT Talks, graced the event with an interview session, sharing his entrepreneurial journey and insights into the world of NFTs. The Pitch Sessions provided startups with the platform to showcase their innovative ideas to a panel of judges, including Stephen, Mike, Sean and Olinga.

Connecting and Celebrating:

A Fireside Chat with Abhishek Tripati, Stephan Newnham, and Sean Sinclair, moderated by Michael Harding, offered a dynamic discussion on the future of Solana and the UK blockchain scene.

The evening concluded with a lively mixer, creating space for networking, fostering connections, and celebrating the spirit of collaboration within the Birmingham business community.

Beyond the Agenda

The Birmingham BuildExpress wasn’t just about following a schedule; it was about nurturing a vibrant ecosystem. The co-working spaces throughout the day fostered organic interactions and knowledge exchange, while workshops led by seasoned professionals ensured practical takeaways for every attendee.


Building Together:

The event took place at Birmingham Open Media and successfully achieved its goal of empowering UK entrepreneurs and developers within the Solana ecosystem. By connecting talent, providing expert guidance, and cultivating a supportive environment, the Birmingham BuildExpress has undoubtedly planted the seeds for future innovation and growth within the UK blockchain scene.



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