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Binance leaves Russian market, replaced by CommEX takeover.

Binance says goodbye to Russia, ensuring smooth transition to CommEX without revenue cut or repurchase option.

by V. Sinclair
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Binance’s Departure from the Russian Market
Binance has announced its complete departure from the Russian market, including the sale of its entire Russian business division to CommEX, a newly established cryptocurrency exchange. This decision comes as Binance faced regulatory challenges and compliance issues with Western sanctions against Russia.

Smooth Transition for Users
Binance aims to ensure a seamless transition for its Russian users by collaborating with CommEX. The exchange will guide its clientele in migrating their assets to the new platform, redirecting a portion of its Russian users who have completed their Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures to CommEX.

Binance plans to wind down its regional operations gradually over the next few months, prioritizing a smooth user experience during the transition.

Regulatory Hurdles and Strategic Shift
Binance’s departure from the Russian market aligns with its broader compliance strategy. The company has been facing regulatory obstacles in Russia, leading to the exit of its top Russian executives. Binance clarified that it will not receive any ongoing revenue cut from the sale and does not retain the option to repurchase shares in the business.

Despite exiting the Russian market, Binance remains optimistic about the growth of the Web3 industry worldwide and continues to focus on its operations in over 100 other countries.

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