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Binance introduces an inscription token marketplace.

In an attempt to capture the inscriptions market, Binance is going up against its main rival OKX, which unveiled capabilities akin to these earlier this week.

by V. Sinclair
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The “Binance Inscriptions Marketplace,” which enables users to purchase, sell, and mint inscription tokens, was launched today by Binance.

Binance claimed in a statement sent to The Block that the new platform allows users to trade or inscribe BRC-20 tokens, EVM tokens, and other inscription tokens within a self-custody crypto wallet on its app.

A Binance representative told The Block, “Our platform not only supports the trade of inscriptions but also makes it easier to mint BRC-20 and EVM tokens, which lowers transaction costs.”

As a result of recent noteworthy achievements like the BRC-20 token ORDI hitting a $1 billion market cap and more than 200 million inscriptions on different blockchains, we think that Binance users are at the right time to enter this industry users to explore and benefit from this evolving realm,” they added.

Binance said that their new offering uses UniSat’s API, a marketplace for ordinals and inscriptions. According to the announcement, this strategy gives consumers access to UniSat’s liquidity and its offerings of more over 60,000 BRC-20 tokens.

Following OKX’s announcement earlier this week to offer Doginals, Atomicals, Stamps, and Runes inscription standards, Binance has created its own inscriptions marketplace.

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