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Big Time game prepares for ‘player-owned economy’ launch.

Throughout the beta testing year, the game's community expanded to 350,000 on Discord and 250,000 on X.

by V. Sinclair
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Big Time, a web3 role-playing adventure game, is set to launch in early October after completing a year-long testing phase. The game aims to provide a free-to-play experience without the controversial pay-to-win mechanics commonly found in other crypto-centric games. The creators of Big Time, including the former CEO of Decentraland and experienced AAA game developers, emphasize the concept of a “player-owned economy.”

Players can engage in activities such as crafting, trading, and looting digital wearables and collectibles in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), all driven by a native Big Time cryptocurrency. The game offers a unique exploration of ancient civilizations and futuristic worlds.

Challenges Faced by Other Cryptocurrency-Based Games

Previous cryptocurrency-based games like Decentraland and Axie Infinity have encountered issues over time. Decentraland’s metaverse world has faced criticism due to a lack of participation, while Axie Infinity’s play-to-earn model has raised concerns about its sustainability.

Big Time’s Strong Community and Development Team

Ari Meilich, the former CEO of Decentraland and founder of Big Time, highlights the strong community backing the game. The creative team at Big Time Studios, with their track record of creating games that have attracted millions of users and generated substantial revenue, adds to the game’s credibility. The community has already grown to over 350,000 members on Discord and a quarter million on X (formerly Twitter). Additionally, there is a signup list with over a million people, and direct sales have exceeded $80 million, not including user-to-user trades.

Big Time’s Unique Features and Market Presence

Big Time stands out as the most streamed PC web3 game on Twitch, with over 3000 streamers having played its pre-alpha version. The game has gained significant popularity in critical markets like Japan. The economic incentives within Big Time were carefully designed to avoid the play-to-earn pitfalls faced by Axie Infinity, which has been criticized for relying on low-wage workers in countries like the Philippines.

Overall, Big Time aims to revolutionize the web3 gaming experience by offering a player-owned economy, a strong community, and a sustainable approach to gameplay that avoids the pitfalls of other cryptocurrency-based games.

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