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Aura Blockchain Consortium Appoints New CEO

LVMH, Prada, Richemont, and OTB Group, Aura provides a permissioned blockchain compatible with Ethereum.

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The Aura Blockchain Consortium, backed by luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Richemont, and Mercedes-Benz, has named Romain Carrere as its new CEO. Carrere brings over 15 years of tech entrepreneurship experience and expertise in advising Web3 startups and luxury brands on blockchain strategies.

Entering a New Growth Phase

Aura Blockchain Consortium is entering what it calls “a new phase of growth,” making Carrere’s appointment pivotal. The Swiss non-profit association aims to further its vision on a global scale under his leadership.

Romain Carrere, incoming Aura Blockchain Consortium CEO and General Secretary. Image: Aura Blockchain Consortium

Carrere is committed to driving blockchainĀ adoption and enhancing the customer experience within the luxury industry. His focus will be on leveraging blockchain technology to push boundaries and deliver unparalleled customer experiences. Carrere holds a Master’s degree from ESCP Business School and a Bachelor’s degree from Bentley University. He has also represented French entrepreneurs at the G20 summit in Tokyo.

A Solid Foundation

Carrere succeeds Daniela Ott, the previous General Secretary, who laid a strong foundation for Aura’s future endeavors. Lorenzo Bertelli, Chairman of Aura Blockchain Consortium, expressed confidence in Carrere’s ability to lead the consortium into this exciting new chapter.

Founded in 2021 by leading luxury groups like LVMH, Prada, Richemont, and OTB Group, Aura provides a permissioned blockchain compatible with Ethereum. It offers NFT minting, SaaS solutions, and authentication functionality to member companies. Use cases include token-linked products, certificate of authenticity access, and more.

Partnerships for Growth

Aura recently partnered with Coinhouse to provide customized digital currency solutions to member brands, including cryptocurrency auto-conversion and KYT analysis to combat money laundering.

With Romain Carrere at the helm, Aura Blockchain Consortium is poised to continue innovating and integrating blockchain to enhance the luxury customer experience.

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