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Aptos Blockchain Set to Release 24.8M APT Tokens in November 2023

Token Unlocks reveals an upcoming token unlock event for Aptos (APT) with substantial value set to enter the Aptos network, benefiting investors and stakeholders.

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Token Unlocks reveals details of the forthcoming token unlock event, shedding light on the allocation of APT tokens worth nearly $143 million within the Aptos network.

Token Unlocks, a prominent platform specializing in cryptocurrency tokenomics, has disclosed an upcoming token unlock event for Aptos (APT) tokens. This event will introduce approximately $143 million worth of APT tokens into the Aptos network, constituting 10.89% of the total APT circulating supply.

Unlock Date and Beneficiaries

Scheduled for November 12, 2023, the token unlock event promises to benefit various stakeholders within the Aptos ecosystem. Investors, the Aptos Foundation, core contributors, and members of the Aptos community are among those set to receive allocations. Token Unlocks has shared a detailed breakdown of these allocations.

  • Aptos investors will receive 8,423,915.00 APT.
  • The Aptos Foundation is allocated 1,333,333.33 APT.
  • Core contributors will be granted 11,875,000.00 APT.
  • The Aptos community is set to receive 3,210,144.60 APT.

In total, 24,842,392.93 APT tokens will be distributed on the specified date.

Token Supply Status

Token Unlocks’ dashboard provides insight into the Aptos token supply. To date, only 175.43 million APT tokens have been unlocked, representing 17.54% of the total APT tokens in existence. This leaves 824.57 million APT tokens, equivalent to 82.46% of the total supply, yet to be released into the Aptos ecosystem. The remaining tokens will be unlocked through a predetermined process, mirroring the one scheduled for November 12.

Aptos, an innovative public blockchain developed by former Facebook employees, prioritizes high throughput and optimized security for smart contracts. The native token, APT, currently trades at $5.55, as indicated by Token Unlocks’ data. Additionally, the platform’s market capitalization is reported to be $1,267,161,205.46, with a circulating supply of 228,317,334.32 APT tokens.

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