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Amid SEC agitation, Coinbase Hires National Security Professionals

Coinbase enhances its Global Advisory Council with security experts to navigate US and global regulatory challenges.

by V. Sinclair
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The former U.S. Secretary of Defense, Dr. Mark T. Esper, is one of the four national security specialists who have joined Coinbase’s Global Advisory Council. The major cryptocurrency exchange platform made this calculated step in the midst of ongoing regulatory issues in the US.

Veterans in Security Strengthen Coinbase Advisory Team

An important proof of Coinbase’s dedication to negotiating the challenging regulatory landscape is the acquisition of Esper. David Urban, Stephanie Murphy, and Frances Townsend join him; between them, they have a plethora of knowledge in national security and policy. Townsend’s experience as Homeland Security Advisor, Murphy’s expertise as a former congresswoman and defense department national security expert, and Urban’s perspectives from business affairs and political advice give Coinbase a strong pool of competence. Their combined expertise will be essential in determining the wider economic and national security ramifications of the regulatory uncertainties currently plaguing the US cryptocurrency market.

As part of its proactive strategy, Coinbase has succeeded in getting CFTC approval to handle customer cryptocurrency futures trading. Despite the firm’s ongoing lawsuit with the SEC over unregistered securities, this represents a strategic breakthrough. The upgraded council seeks to assist Coinbase in gaining acceptance as a legitimate player in the US banking system.

An advisory council will direct Coinbase worldwide.

Internationally, Coinbase is facing regulatory challenges as the Republic of Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Culture and Information has limited the company’s activities. This action is in line with Kazakhstan’s strict regulations pertaining to the cryptocurrency industry and highlights the worldwide difficulties that cryptocurrency exchanges encounter when navigating disparate international legislation.

The company’s goal of conquering these obstacles is unwavering. Coinbase hopes to use the experience of its new members on the enlarged advisory council to help create a more favourable regulatory environment for the expansion of the cryptocurrency sector. With their background in both government and security, Coinbase will be well-positioned to get strategic advice from them as it interacts with regulators and lawmakers.

Coinbase’s commitment to lobbying and policy negotiation is demonstrated by the inclusion of seasoned politicians on the council, such as former senator Patrick Toomey and congressman Tim Ryan.

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