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AIOZ Network Partners with Alibaba Cloud for Web3 Advancement

Advancing Web3 Infrastructure and Developer Empowerment.

by Isaac lane
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AIOZ Network

AIOZ Network and Alibaba Cloud announced a strategic collaboration aimed at advancing Web3 capabilities across the Asia-Pacific region. This collaboration includes the establishment of a DePIN Alliance in Southeast Asia (SEA), focusing on enhancing AI, storage, and streaming infrastructure services.

Driving Decentralized Innovation

Renowned as a DePIN for Web3, AI, storage, and streaming, AIOZ Network envisions a future characterized by speed, security, and decentralization. By partnering with Alibaba Cloud, a leader in cloud computing and artificial intelligence, it aims to realize this vision.

The partnership aims to nurture emerging talent and provide essential infrastructure services and resources to developers in the region. AIOZ Network will play a pivotal role as the primary blockchain partner in Alibaba Cloud’s Innovation Accelerator initiative, offering technological expertise and financial backing to select projects developed on its platform.

Fostering Community Engagement

To promote collaboration, innovation, and knowledge-sharing, a series of hackathons and regional gatherings are planned for the near future. These initiatives will engage stakeholders across the Asia-Pacific region and catalyze the growth of the Web3 ecosystem.

Excitement Surrounding the Collaboration

Erman Tjiputra, Founder of AIOZ Network, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Alibaba Cloud, highlighting their commitment to supporting groundbreaking innovations from the next generation of developers. He sees the collaboration as a significant stride forward in driving technological innovation and empowering developers across the Asia-Pacific region.

This collaboration between AIOZ Network and Alibaba Cloud represents a significant step towards advancing Web3 capabilities and fostering innovation in the Asia-Pacific region. Through joint efforts, they aim to create a more decentralized and empowered future for developers and users alike.

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