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A failure of Hydra? The Founder of Cardano Addresses Hydra Scaling Misinformation

The community was reassured by Charles Hoskinson, a co-founder of the Cardano network, that the hydra has been functioning well despite the attacks from numerous parties.

by V. Sinclair
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Co-founder of the Cardano network Charles Hoskinson has addressed some worries and misunderstandings about the Hydra project. The cryptocurrency billionaire made a sincere effort to clarify and make transparent the claims made about Hydra’s throughput capacity in a recording on Wednesday. The protocol, which launched on the mainnet in May, uses a novel method of transaction processing to increase Cardano’s scalability.

Showing the Potential of Cardano
In order to dispel misconceptions regarding Cardano’s slow transaction processing speed, Hoskinson published a TPS chart with a throughput capacity of roughly 1,000 TPS. He emphasized, though, that this metric alone didn’t fully capture Cardano’s potential and that Hydra’s goals have changed over time.

He claims that the team is now focused on creating middleware to enable developers to build complex apps on Cardano, rather than just maximizing TPS. This change in emphasis is consistent with Cardano’s goal of supporting a wide range of off-chain and on-chain applications, such as NFT drops, DEX transactions, and intricate smart contracts.

Hoskinson also emphasized how Cardano is different from other blockchains in that its extended UTXO format enables more complex transactions with various components.

“We have the sole best paradigm for long-term rollup applications. Why? Because a UTXO model makes rolling up these outputs far simpler than the Global State system of accounts and all of its complexities. He spoke.

Taking Care of Misinformation
Hoskinson urged the Cardano community to be alert and double-check statements made about the project, but he also addressed worries about recent disinformation and skepticism about it.

“It takes ten times as much effort to erase a falsehood from someone’s mind every time it is repeated. Therefore, when individuals complain that Hydra has failed, that we lied about Hydra, or that none of these performance claims can be fulfilled…Then, what they’re actually doing is absorbing the toil of numerous people and everyone has built on it…It has to end because it’s unfair and it’s not okay.

He added that the Cardano ecosystem is based on in-depth research, foundations that have undergone peer review, and open-source contributions from a large international community of engineers and developers. Hoskinson underlined that despite this, Cardano’s future remained promising due to continuous initiatives to strengthen the ecosystem and provide novel solutions.

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