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$500 million worth of tokens, or 30% of the supply, will be unlocked by DYdX.

Though it's not the only project unlocking millions of dollars worth of tokens in December, decentralized

by V. Sinclair
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Numerous cryptocurrency projects will release substantial amounts of tokens in the upcoming weeks. Based on data from TokenUnlocks, here is a summary of the biggest airdrops and unlocks for December.

Leading the pack is the decentralized exchange dYdX DYDX -5.02%, which on December 1 at midnight UTC will unlock 150 million tokens, or 30% of its tokens that have been allocated to investors, founders, and former and future employees. The Block’s price data indicates that the tokens are currently valued at $500 million.

When dYdX revealed on January 25 of this year that the unlock, which was originally planned for February, would now take place in December, the company’s value skyrocketed. The exchange’s CEO referred to the recent $9 million hit to its insurance fund as a “targeted attack.”

The claim page for Jupiter, the DEX aggregator on Solana, will be active on Friday, allowing users to verify their token allocation. Jupiter made this announcement today. The exchange also explained how it adjusted the distribution to take into consideration the usage of multiple wallets by power users and bot activity.

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