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$1M Bug Bounty for Solana Firedancer Client Launches This Week

$1M Bug Bounty for Solana Firedancer Client Launches: Critical Bug Hunt Starts July 10, Huge Rewards for Developers

by Isaac lane
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Solana developers will soon have the opportunity to earn up to $1 million by identifying bugs in the highly anticipated “Firedancer” independent validator client. The bug bounty program, spearheaded by Jump Crypto and hosted on the Immunefi platform, will commence on Wednesday, July 10, and run until August 21.

Significant Rewards for Critical Discoveries

Participants can access a $1 million rewards pool, with the maximum payout for a single bug bounty set at $1 million, payable in USD Coin. This initiative marks the first bug bounty program for Firedancer, aiming to enhance the Solana network’s performance by identifying and addressing critical vulnerabilities.

Firedancer: Enhancing Solana’s Performance

Firedancer is a new validator client expected to significantly improve Solana’s network performance. As an independent client validator, Firedancer will play a vital role in processing transactions and building blocks within Solana’s $60 billion network. The client is seen as a superior alternative to Google’s “QUIC” data transfer protocol, which has struggled to handle surges in network activity on Solana.


The development of Firedancer v0.1 is led by the pseudonymous engineer Cantelope Peel from Jump Crypto. Peel announced the bug bounty program on July 3 and highlighted ongoing efforts to refine the Solana consensus and fork choice algorithms. The Firedancer client is implemented in C and C++ to support high trading volumes, and Solana Labs co-founder and CEO Anatoly Yakovenko has previously noted its potential to increase the network’s speed.

Details of the Bounty Program

To participate in the bounty program, developers must complete Know Your Client (KYC) details as part of the registration process. Bugs discovered in Firedancer v0.1 will be investigated and responded to within 24 hours on weekdays. Immunefi will publish an event-specific leaderboard and bug reports after the program concludes.


Firedancer first went live on a Solana testnet in November 2023. According to Firedancer’s GitHub account, Peel and Jump Crypto have been developing the Solana validator client since January 30, 2023. Peel also proposed implementing a similar version of Firedancer on Ethereum in March, but no significant developments have followed.

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